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Success Trading Group

Swing Trading

Are you looking for quality trading ideas that allow the elite investor that has the financial wherewithal and market nimbleness to profit on small swings in a stock's price? For example, stocks with patterns like Microsoft:

We have made $30.05 per share trading MSFT since November 2001!

If this is the type of trading that interests you, then our Success Trading Group real-time alert service may be just what you are looking for! This type of trading can be powerful! In fact, our "Success Trading Group" focuses on these types of trades. For the 2002 calendar year, we posted an 87 Win / 2 Loss record (with 5 open positions on 12/31/2002). You can join us! As a member of our Success Trading Group alert service, you will be provided with email alerts (phone / fax also available) intended to provide you with the opportunity to make many, many of these type of trades.

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